About US

Company Detail

Since our formation, Dongguan Malena Cosmetics Co., Ltd has been a pioneer and leading manufacturer of premium quality brushes and accessories. We dedicate to the art of magnificence drives our passion for making state-of-the-art products for the makeup artist and user. Whether you are a professional or consumer, we always try to meet the needs of every level of our customers. We always try to match the request of the market by adopting valuable suggestions coming from our customers. We are the only wholesaler that delivers all their products on a global scale.

Quality Products

From the stock of premium quality products, we can proudly say that our products will never disappoint you. Our quality control department precisely looks products from every aspect. Our technical staff makes sure all the essentials used in the making of cosmetic products are according to quality standards. Each item is made from state-of-the-art technology and fulfills all the international quality standards. We provide quality that no one can.

Customer Comfort

Lead time is an important factor for customer comfort. Typically clients want goods or service as fast as attainable with minimum effort. Having the right equipment and employee’s availability DONGGUAN MALENA COSMETICS CO. LTD provides you minimum lead time. 10-20 days lead time offered for your convenience depending on products.

24/7 Service

We have enthusiastic staff who timely give an answer to all queries and always looking forward to your feedback regarding products quality. We are well-versed in understanding our customers. Excellent communication, professionalism, and timely reply are the pillars of fantastic services.

Series of Beauty Accessories

You can find the series of premium quality products such as professional brush set, individual brushes, travel brush set, kabuki makeup brush, brush purse, eye shadow palette, makeup brush bag and pouch dual end brush, concealer and much more.

Quality Material Products

DONGGUAN MALENA COSMETICS CO. LTD manufactured products with premium quality synthetic materials and after that our quality control department precisely check the products after careful sterilization of process. The finished products then allowed for sale.

Customer Reviews

Your reviews are necessary for us, it the first and foremost thing. We have got a positive response from our every customer, just because of the high-quality products. You can post your reviews regarding our products and also give us suggestions regarding our services.

As a cosmetic industry innovator, MALENA COSMETICS always tries to bring the latest and amazing products to the market. Nowadays, we carry a range of thousands of cosmetic brushes and accessories. Our services are widely spread in different regions of the world. All of our beauty brushes are free of any skin affecting materials. We can produce a vast range of products per month, so it is possible for us to satisfy your demands no matter how large they will. After making a big name among the pioneers in the makeup brushes industry, we can say that our products can never disappoint you. We hope that you will join us to share our high-quality makeup brushes manufacturing experience.