12 Best Makeup Brush Gift Sets - Featuring the Top Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are known to enhance your features by providing you with a smooth finishing after the application of different makeup products on your face. The use of makeup brushes gives you an airbrushed look by blending and adjusting your makeup completely in your skin. Thankfully, there is a variety of these makeup brushes available for our eyes, for hiding our blemishes, for contouring, for highlighting, and overall, for enhancing our appearance. The best part is you can buy the complete set of all these different makeup brushes that work on different parts of your face. This article is all about the best makeup brush gift sets offered by the top brands worldwide.

1. Sigma Most Wanted Brush Set

Sigma makeup brushes are one of the most popular and bestselling cosmetic brushes. Lately, they have introduced a five-piece makeup brushes gift set that features brushes for both eyes and face. The Sigma set of cosmetic brushes include a Flat Kabuki brush which is perfect for blending cream and liquid foundations, a tapered highlighter that specifically highlights the cheekbones, a Tapered blend that softens the harsh lines in your skin, a pencil to softens the liner, and a blend for the application of eyeshades. 

2. Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Mini Brush Set

Charlotte Tilbury is offering a mini brush set that could be your best partner while traveling. This mini makeup brush pouch is easy to adjust in any of your chic bags. This mini pouch contains a face powder brush, an eye smudger brush, an eye blender brush, and a precision brush. These brushes are enough for a natural everyday look. This is an ideal gift set for schoolgirls or working women as they can have a touch-up at any time of the day.

3.  Real Techniques Everyday Essentials

Real Techniques always have to offer their customers high-quality makeup brushes. They also give utmost priority to the requirements of their customers, which is why they offer a beautiful set of makeup brushes at an economical price. They have a five-piece cosmetic gift set to offer which contains a crease brush, blush brush, face brush, setting powder brush, and a flexible sponge for proper application of foundation.

4.  Artis Elite Black 3 Brush Set

Artis is well-known for supplying the most unique makeup brush sets. All their makeup brushes have distinctive and effective ergonomic shapes. Also, most importantly, all their makeup brushes are of supreme quality. Recently, they have introduced a new collection of brush sets. Their new makeup set has three brushes. The Oval 7 brush in the set is for foundation, contour, and blush. The Oval 3 makeup brush performs two functions of concealing and eye makeup. The last one is Linear 1 for brows and eyeliner. Their multipurpose makeup brush set is gaining more popularity because of its uniqueness.

5.  EcoTools Start the Day Beautifully Kit

The EcoTools I well reputed for almost 10 years for providing quality face brushes. Their brushes are incredibly soft against any skin, especially sensitive ones. Their latest start the day beautiful kit consists of 5 makeup brushes that offer a flawless finishing. These makeup brushes include the Angled Foundation Brush, Defined Crease Brush, Blurring Brush, Angled Liner, and Full Blush Brush. This cosmetic brush gift set even has a storage tray.

6. Airbrush 101 Makeup Brush Set

It is going to be super convenient for any girl or woman to slay any makeup look if you get your hands on this amazing piece of makeup brush set. Their makeup brushes are known to render a soft, fluffy, and airbrushed look. This cosmetic brush pouch also contains 5 brushes, including the Airbrush concealer brush, Airbrush Powder brush, the Airbrush Crease brush, the Airbrush Shadow brush, and the Airbrush Foundation brush.

7. E.l.f Professional Set of 12 Brushes

The e.l.f makeup brush set is a bit expensive and specifically designed for professionals. Also, if anyone wants to get their hands on this gift set to experiment with different looks, then this can be your best choice. All of the 12 brushes in this gift set are super handy and include a Smudge Eye Sponge, Lip Defining Brush, a foundation brush, a Blending Eye Brush, a defining Eye Brush, an Eyeshadow brush, an eyelash, and brow Wand, a brow Comb and Brush, Bronzer Brush, a total Face Brush, an eyeliner brush, and a concealer Brush.

8. Fenty Artistry Pro Complexion Essentials

Fenty Artistry has the chicest-looking makeup brush set to offer its customers. All four cosmetic brushes in their new pro complexion set are known to have the finest bristles. This 4-piece makeup brush set includes a precision concealer brush, a full-bodied foundation brush, the powder puff setting brush, and the cheek-hugging highlight brush.

9. Jenny Patinkin Luxury Vegan Petites

The makeup brush gift set pouch, the Luxury Vegan Petites by Jenny Patinkin, is another travel-friendly cosmetic brush set that is well-suited for most makeup applications. This gift set is basically a cute faux crocodile carrying case that carries 4 brushes in it. These makeup brushes are light in weight because of their small handles, making them easy to grip and use. The 4 brushes include a face or a cheek brush, a concealer buff brush, a lid and crease brush, and at last, a line and smudge brush. Every brush in this pouch can be used for two purposes. 

10.  Malena Professional Makeup Brush Set with Folded Pouch

Malena is known to have the best collection of makeup brushes. They also have various makeup brushes gift sets that also include a Makeup brush set with aluminum handles, a makeup brush set with wooden handles, a professional makeup brush set with black and white hair, etc.; the list does not end here. Their recent collection of makeup brushes gift sets includes the professional makeup brush set with folded pouch. This cosmetic brush set contains all kinds of makeup brushes, including kabuki, concealer, eyeshadow, and that too at economical rates. They offer these eco-friendly brushes with the softest bristles. All their makeup brushes in this pallet are also free of germs as they are wrapped in a plastic sheet. The folded pouch of this brush set also makes them travel-friendly.  


11. Tarte 5-Piece Full Face Brush Set

The Tarte 5-piece full face brush set is another popular makeup brush set that is gaining attention in recent times. Two of the brushes in this pouch also have double-ended bristles, which technically makes it a 7-piece full face brush set. As per the name, the 5 brushes in this pouch include a complexion brush, loose powder brush, small cheek brush, double-ended shader, and Blending Eyeshadow Brush and double-ended pencil crease the liner brush.

12. Chanticaille Ultimate Brush Set

All the makeup brushes in the Chanticaille ultimate brush set are made of synthetic fibers. These cosmetic brushes are of supreme quality as well and have a soft touch against the skin. The brilliant features of these luxe brushes in this pouch help you slay any makeup look. It generally consists of five brushes: a Foundation and Mask Brush, Cheek Brush, a Concealer Brush, Eyeliner Brush, and an Eye definer Brush.