Eight Tips for Doing Your Makeup Like a Pro

Makeup like a Pro

As much as doing makeup sounds fun, it can be equally tricky to apply it correctly and in the right order so that it looks seamless and seeps into the skin smoothly. But I have got you covered. Follow these steps to achieve a flawless makeup look.

I believe that thoroughly moisturized and hydrated skin is the key to achieve an effortless look.

Prepping your skin is first and foremost important as your pores will unclog, and all the dirt will be cleaned off. Use a facial cleanser that deeply cleans your face and removes the access oil so that you have a clear canvas to work in your makeup product. After cleansing if you still feel that the dead skin has not removed entirely then use a good face scrub and gently massage your face with it. Don’t be too harsh with it; otherwise, it can strip away the natural oil of your skin. And then finally use a hydrating moisturizer to keep the dryness at bay.

Make sure that all the products that you will use for prepping your skin and the beauty products as well as suit your skin type.

The correct order to apply makeup:


Mac Primer

A primer will give a further soft canvas due to which the foundation application will become smooth. A good primer will make your base last longer and will prevent it from getting too oily. There is a range of primers in the market. Hence, choose a one according to what your skin type demands.

Color Correct:

Color Correct

If you have deep dark circles and redness or any hyperpigmentation, then use a color corrector before applying concealer. You’ll be amazed at how effortlessly the scars will disappear.



Once you are done color correcting use a concealer that matches your skin tone perfectly. Wrong shade of concealer will make you look grey. Use a good concealer to blend in the product for an utterly flawless look. Makeup brush sets suppliers have developed multiple brushes for each product.



Apply foundation to achieve that even complexion. Use a product that suits your needs or according to the texture that you prefer for yourself. And blend it in for that airbrush look.

Bronzer, blush and a highlighter:


Bronzer adds some warmth on your face as the base that you applied before kind of makes you look pale. Pick a good bronzer and work that on the contours of your face to get a defined look. Then use a rosy pink blush top add some freshness and color on the apples of your cheek. This way, your face will instantly look alive. Lastly, an highlighter to make you glow. Use a little bit first on the high points of your face and then slowly build it cording to the sheen that you prefer.

Eye makeup:

Eye Makeup

Eye makeup consists of eyebrows, eye shadow, eyeliner, and a mascara. Use a natural warm color closest to your eyebrow color and line your eyebrows with it to make it look fuller. Secondly, use any transition color on your eyelids and blend it well. Once that’s done, pick any color that you like and build your crease. This way, your eyes will look more defined and broader. Apply eyeliner and mascara to wind up your eye makeup look.



A makeup look be it full glam, or a natural look is incomplete without a perfect pout. Use any color that you like since the choice is endless and finish your look with it.

Setting Spray:

NYX Setting Spray

Use a setting spray to settle your makeup in and to achieve long-lasting results.