How To Wash Makeup Brushes Properly?

Flawless makeup is impossible without brushes, which is undoubtedly contributing the most in giving you a glamorous look. When you regularly do makeup with the same brushes, you may have encountered some acne on your face, which is the result of the dirt builds up on your brushes causes when you don't wash the brushes from extended periods. That is why your brushes need to be clean far too often than you usually do.

The dermatologist has been suggesting to frequently cleaning and changing the brushes you used with your makeup products because over usage of the brushes can cause rashes on your skin as the bristles of the brushes gets rough after several attempts. There is no thumb of the rule to clean the brushes; you can clean it either way, but for the longevity of your expensive brushes, some tips are highlighted below, which will clearly define how to wash makeup brushes properly.

Useful Tips For Cleaning 

There is no fancy way to clean brushes; however, you need to take care of the cleaner or soap that you will use to clean the brushes. Some people prefer washing it with plain water some use soap but it advisable to clean your brushes with soap (the gentle one), especially when you use expensive brushes that are made from natural hair. So either you are soaking it in water or soap or just washing it off right away one thing to keep in mind is this don't apply too much soap on the brushes or don't use thick cleansers while soaking or cleaning your brushes. The brushes are porous and absorb the liquid inside, which causes you trouble while rinsing it. And most probably, the soap remains in the bristles, which ultimately disturbs your product application and forces you to change them. Long story short use light cleansers to clean your brushes and rinse through roughly to avoid residue.

The Easy Cleanup Process 

Cleaning up the brushes process is quite easy, which anyone can do professionally and, if done twice a week, can give flawless makeup experience and a great extension to the life of your tools. So here are five easy steps for cleaning brushes.

1.       Pour some lukewarm water on the bristles of the brushes

2.       Take a tiny drop of the cleanser into your clean and wet palm

3.       Apply it gently on the tips of your bristles in a circular motion

4.       Then rinse the bristles properly

5.       Shake the brush once or twice after drying to get rid of the excess water and you are done.

Lastly, there is no need to worry about buying a brush cleansers because cosmetic brushes vendors also deal with cleansers and supply plenty of cleaners.