Understanding The Essentials of Travelling Makeup Products

The practice of wearing makeup dates back to some 6000 years ago. We get the first makeup instances in ancient Egypt, where wealthy people dressed up in pearl-embellished clothes and applied eyeliners. It was their way to appeal to the gods back in those times. The renowned eyeliner art was a distinctive feature of Egyptians, men and women alike. Besides, the use of blusher or rogue, skin-toning white powders and a rare variety of green eye shadow made from green copper were among the most commonly used makeups items. Hygiene products such as bath soaps, fragrances, and moisturizers were used by women mainly. Removing body hair was encouraged among women to enhance their beauty further. However, excessive makeup was also considered nasty and negative because most prostitutes used to wear much makeup. The latter association impacts the makeup practice till today.


Prevalence of Makeup Products

An estimated 44% of employed women do not wear their house without makeup, and that’s just a tentative figure. Studies reveal two reasons for doing so, and the first is that makeup is used to achieve male attention and get noticed for potential matches. The second reason stems from the idea of their self-perception about their bodies and looks. For the latter group, makeup works like a façade to cover up their deep insecurities under the guise of pretty appearance. Studies suggest that most women associate the prospects of success with how lovely they are, implying that if they want to ensure success in personal and professional life, they have to look beautiful enough to be taken seriously. Science has revealed compelling reasons behind this backed-up fear instilled in women, which leads them to wear makeup every day. Since childhood, girls are conditioned to believe that they need to be pretty to achieve success in life, from marriage to job interviews or even forming friendships. These girls grow up with such a mindset that pushes them to retreat to wearing makeup to create a difference in society.


Beauty Industry Statistics

The makeup and cosmetic industry are worth $511 billion. Out of it, 46% comes from South Asia alone. The latest statical data reveals incredible growth in the cosmetic industry, and it is speculated to increase more. The accelerated use of beauty products is surprising since the demand for beauty and personal care products keeps growing. People have, men and women alike, have accepted the use of beauty products. Nowadays, people spend more on makeup and beautifying their look because appearance is the first thing people notice, so it plays the role of deal-breaker. 

South Asia is famously known for its use of comprehensive skincare routines, the reason being that people of south Asian countries have lighter to darker shades of brown complexion, and to deal with that, cosmeticians produce skin whitening products now and then. The obsession with white skin color means that whitening products make profitable sales. Beauty products with natural and organic ingredients are a trending topic in the cosmetic industry, and this has enabled people to pay more attention to the components of beauty products. In any case, speculations have it that by 2027, organic and natural beauty products will grow into a 54 billion dollars market.


Some tools are made just for that when it comes to applying makeup. Although you can use your hands to apply, it will not give you a pleasant and sleek look as you see; therefore, people use makeup brushes to get the job done. Different makeup brushes, including separate brushes for eyes, lips, contour, highlight, and foundation. Many amateur makeup users undermine the importance of makeup brushes, and most of them do not know which meetings to buy and from where. In addition, when it comes to sourcing premium quality brushes, we often settle for just any set of brushes because makeup is a daily essential, and using good brushes is equally crucial. We take makeup everywhere; therefore, we need to buy good quality Travel brush sets, which last long and blend easily. For a long time, the Chinese market has been accredited with manufacturing the best quality travel brush sets, so you can source travel brush sets from china


Now you must wonder why to go the extra mile to order Chinese makeup brushes when you can buy them from any local store. You make a good point, but below, we will discuss some of the main reasons that should be enough to convince you to buy the best quality makeup brushes.


First-Rate Makeup Brushes Are Suitable for the Skin

Your skin deserves to be treated with absolute care and gentleness, especially when applying and blending makeup. Due to that reason, women worldwide invest extra money to get their hands on the best quality makeup brushes. Although it makes no sense to amateur makeup users, people who have a knack for makeup understand the significant roles these brushes play in helping to achieve a nice makeup look. Upon application, these brushes seem soft and gentle against your skin. You can head on the spot a harmful makeup brush if it feels rough and patchy against the skin or the bristles keep falling out. These low-quality makeup brushes are bound to give you skin allergies and acne. 


Spend Once but Spend Wisely 

This mantra can be practiced in the cosmetic industry as well. It simply means to buy the best quality brushes at a higher price than to spend money on repeatedly replacing the poor-quality brushes. The rates of good brushes might scare you off for a bit, but they will still be a safe purchase because, unlike poor brushes, you will not be spending money to buy replacements.


Your Makeup Turns Out Better When Done with Quality Brushes

Good-quality brushes make the final makeup look more attractive and smoother. These brushes make applying and blending makeup easier and even on the skin. For instance, if you use cheap quality brushes to apply eye shadow, the shadow will look tacky and patchy. If you want to make most of your expensive makeup, you need to invest in good-quality makeup brushes. By doing so, you will not only look good by save yourself from the hustle of changing brushes every other day.


How To Choose a Right Set of Makeup Brushes?

Choosing a makeup brush set can be tricky and challenging, given you are an amateur makeup user. It is easy to spot a good makeup brush only if you know what to look for. A good makeup brush consists of compactly packed bristles, solid plastic or wooden handle. These brushes are designed to ensure maximum blending of powder or foundation and complete transference of makeup effectively. It is imperative to make sure that before buying the set of brushes, you should thoroughly examine your skin texture and face contours to better analyze the kinds of brush sets you need.


Synthetic Brushes Vs. Natural Brushes

Makeup brushes are available in different shapes and sizes. The only thing that distinguishes a poor-quality brush from a good one is the quality of bristles used, which is the part of the brush that is responsible for transferring makeup from the pallet to your skin. The bristles in the synthetic brushes consist of hair made from plastic. As far as natural brushes are concerned, these brushes consist of bristles made from animal hair, mostly goat hair. Natural brushes tend to be expensive because natural bristles tend to hold the color pigment better, unlike synthetic fibers.


Synthetic Vs. Natural Brushes, Which Is Better?

If we compare synthetic and natural makeup brushes, then natural brushes consist of softer bristles and are usually made from the fur of animals like goats, squirrels, etc. However, synthetic bristles are made up of nylon or polyester fibers. These fibers increase the color carrying ability. Unlike natural fibers, synthetic ones are less prone to damage from makeup and different sorts ofoundations. As far as cleaning goes, synthetic bristles are easier to clean than natural hair. Synthetic makeup brushes work well with heavy liquid makeup, such as high coverage foundation and concealers—the reason being that these brushes tend to hold makeup better. As far as allergies and skin irritation is concerned, people with such problems should use synthetic brushes because, unlike animal fur, they rarely cause any adverse reaction.