Want to Achieve a Flawless Makeup Look? Cosmetic Sponges are the Key!

Beauty and Makeup have been closely related to one another, not because that makeup is a symbol of beauty, but because of the fact that makeup has been playing a significant role in enhancing features and making you look beautiful with just a little effort and the changes that can be reversed as well and altered according to the requirement of an individual. Every day we get to see that there are discoveries of various different brands and products that are being introduced every day according to the changing requirements and demands of modern times. In order to apply makeup and create professional looks, there are various different types of beauty tools that are introduced this is because of the fact that in order to create different professional looks, one needs to have all the professional tools in the form of brushes and sponges as they facilitate the user and help them creating the desired look. When we talk about the most common type of tools, we see that the most common type of tools is in the form of the sponges that are used in order to settle the base of makeup as it is usually used to apply the foundation and concealers which is the base of makeup.  

What makes Makeup Sponges so Popular?

Big cosmetic products industries make branded Makeup sponges to provide excellent quality to the customers. These makeup sponges come in various different shapes and sizes. The most common shape is in the form of the egg-shaped beauty sponge that is most commonly seen being used around the world. Although beauty sponges gained popularity recently in actual, they had been there for over decades. Originally the makeup sponges have been used only by professional experts and makeup artists in order to create makeup looks. however, in recent times makeup sponges lost some of their popularity in the world of makeup of beauty due to the growing demands of various different artistic brushes until we got to see a revolution in the cosmetic sponge manufacturing industry. With an introduction of a variety of beauty blenders and sponges that we are introduced to, the most common type of sponges that are being used is in the form of egg-shaped and pretty colored beauty blenders.

What Purpose do Makeup Brushes Serve?

These beauty blenders are the sponges that are designed in order to apply or blend any cream or liquid makeup product to blend into the skin providing a smooth and flawless look, covering all the pores, and providing a poreless finish. These are the type of sponges that are known for its property which makes them aqua-activated foam. It is a sphere in shape that can reach even the sharpest contours and corners of your face. In order to use these sponges, one needs to get these sponges wet. Once the sponges are wet, you need to squeeze out excess water from these sponges; this makes the process of blending a lot easier. These sponges can be used during the application of foundations, concealers, bb creams, serums, and even moisturizers. These are an ideal product not only because of the fact that they provide a flawless look but also because they help you prevent your fingers from being dirty. However, they are often criticized because of the fact that they can absorb a lot of your makeup when used dry, and also because of the shape as it might not be able to reach all the contours of the face. Thus, in order to address this issue, there had been the introduction of various types of makeup sponges. The most common types are:

Wedge Shaped Makeup sponges:

Although beauty blenders are known to work well for all the people but in the case of different shape of the face there is an introduction of a different variety of these sponges in the form of these wedge-shaped makeup sponges, these are specifically designed to keep in mind the sharp contours and the edges of the face. These sponges are slightly more versatile in nature compared to the other type of sponges because of the fact that they are slightly more versatile in nature and can cover more ground than regular sponges. 

Pretty Puff Makeup Sponges

These are the type of makeup sponges that are quite versatile in nature, this is because of the fact that they have a very unique shape, it is a mixture of both beauty blenders and wedge-shaped makeup sponges as it is in the form of the shape of a teardrop thus the pointed end is considered ideal to be used at the sharp edges and contours. Allowing a smooth look by reaching all the corners of your face. 

Silicone Makeup Sponges

Among the list of all the makeup sponges that we get to see nowadays, there is another one that is there, up in the line. It is known as silicone makeup sponges. Although it is a newbie in the industry of beauty and makeup it is a unique applicator that is known because of the fact that it does not absorb the makeup product leading to the wastage of the product and you can use the product without even wasting one percent of the product even. This product is used in a way that you first have to apply the foundation over your skin and then blend it with a push motion using the silicon makeup sponge. However, these are only considered ideal for liquid cosmetics as they do not work the same way for powder cosmetics. The best part about these silicon sponges is that they are easier to clean as one can sanitize them and use them according to the desire of your heart. 

Microfiber Makeup Sponges 

These are the type of sponges that feel as soft as the velvet brushes that are being used up against your skin as they are the sponges that are made using microfiber sponges. The way that silicone sponges are not suitable for liquid applications. In the same way, the microfiber sponges are designed in a way that they only work well for powder application. These microfiber sponges are considered ideal for setting powders, they can be used for blushes and bronzers as well making them a great part of your daily routine. They are popular because of the fact that they can be used as makeup brushes as well. However, one requires time and practice to get used to it.