What are makeup sponges?

Makeup sponges, also called beauty sponges, are available in different shapes and sizes. Beauty sponge that is egg shaped has taken the world by storm, whereas beauty sponges come in 20 various forms to select from. If you are wondering which type of makeup sponge to use, here we are to disclose the secret.

Beauty blender makeup sponge

Makeup sponge companies like Malena Cosmetics(kraumetikbrush) are offering products according to consumer requirements in every range. In this regard, there are different sponges available in the market, one of the famous is the beauty blender.

A beauty blender was intended to blend and apply makeup products in cream or liquid form onto the skin. This gives a flawless and smooth result. It is well recognized for its unique ‘aqua-activated foam’ and spherical shape, which practically allows it to reach every face curve. 

How and when to use a makeup sponge

Make your sponge wet; now squeeze out the excess water and get started to blend. That was a simple step. It applies concealer, foundation, moisturizers, balm, and serums, also known as bb creams.

The good and the bad of beauty blender

The beauty blender can give you pore less and flawless finish that you desire. If you don’t like the sticky touch of foundation on your hands, the beauty blender is an excellent choice as an applicator. 

There are a few drawbacks when using a beauty blender, such as if you use your sponge in dry form, it can absorb lots of precious makeup. The spherical shape, despite its claims, does not reach every facial curve. The beauty blender can either be used dry or wet. However, the Professionals recommend using it damp to bounce and mix makeup into the skin and dry for the initial application.

Wedge-shaped makeup sponge

A wedge sponge can work precisely the same as a beauty blender in applying liquid applications and blending. The only difference is its shape. It has flat bottoms and edges that can reach every curve on your face.

How and when to use this makeup sponge

The wedge sponge is used either dry or wet. Apply by making small tap motions on the face where to apply the skin. The wedge sponge has a sharp edge that helps contour smaller areas like the nose. It can work pretty well for places that are difficult to reach, like around eyebrows or under the eye.

Pretty puff makeup sponge

The pretty puff has similar features to both the wedge-shaped and the beauty blender sponges. It has a shape like a round teardrop form for areas that are hard to reach. Also, it has a fancy hydrophilic foam which ensures your makeup stays longer on your face than in your sponge.

How and when to use this makeup sponge

You can use it exactly like a beauty blender. Just wet and squeeze the sponge, and you are good to go. The Pretty Puff's dual ability makes it ideal for all-over application and little accuracy work like contouring or around the sides of your nose or under the eyes.