• Concealer Smooth Cosmetic Powder Puff

Concealer Smooth Cosmetic Powder Puff

Feature: Non-Disposable

Form: Egg Shaped

Certification: ISO9001, BSCI

Material: Sponge

Color: Customized

Transport Package: Carton

Concealer Cosmetic Powder Puff

The Makeup Powderpuff is a revolutionary new product that will change the world of makeup forever.

Makeup has never been more effortless! The Powderpuff was created with a particular material that allows it to hold a lot of water and maintain its round shape while you use it. It also absorbs extra foundation or other makeup. It is super compact; you can carry this around with you wherever you go is easy.

Essential Features of Makeup Powderpuff

• It does not absorb makeup

• It makes applying makeup easier

• Reusable for many years

Our makeup Powderpuff is genuinely a life-changing product for every woman out there. It will make your morning routine much more superficial, allowing you to wake up earlier and still have time to express yourself with brushes or other tools you currently use. The flat surface makes it perfect for holding and using it for your makeup, placing each color exactly where you want them.

Revolutionary Makeup Tool

A revolutionary invention, the Makeup Powderpuff is a soft, open-cell cosmetic tool that can be used to create a smooth and blended appearance in any liquid cosmetics. This modern marvel will make you wonder how you ever lived without it. It comes with an easy-grip handle and flexible design!


Our makeup Powderpuff comes in a metal tin with a holographic sticker on the front. The sticker displays the original Makeup Powderpuff logo and product name. Underneath, we've included an image of how best to use your new Powderpuff!

Makeup Powderpuff Specific Key Features

- Increases liquid coverage by up to 30%

- Provides a smooth and blended base for all liquid cosmetics

- Unique design molds to the contours of your face

- Easy-grip handle that won't slip through your fingers

- Perfect for kitchen or bathroom use

Our makeup Powderpuff is a revolutionary cosmetic puff that increases liquid product coverage by up to 30% and provides a smooth base for any cosmetics. Thanks to its easy-grip handle and flexible design, it is a perfect tool for applying makeup in the kitchen or bathroom.

How to Use It

Wet your makeup Powderpuff and squeeze out excess moisture. Apply your favorite makeup to the Powderpuff and gently pat onto the skin. The flexible design allows for easy contouring in any direction!

Product Information

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