• Dual Ends Metal Color Cosmetic Make up Brush

Dual Ends Metal Color Cosmetic Make Up Brush

Use: Face

Handle Material: Metal

Brush Material: Synthetic Hair

Color: Customized

Type: Makeup Brush

Transport Package: Poly Bag

Are you looking for the best cosmetic brushes? Then we have the perfect ones for you.

Browse an extensive range of dual-ended makeup brushes and find one that suits your needs. We have some of the best dual-ended brushes in our collection, and we are sure that you can find anything of choice. When you need more help in finding the most popular brushes, all you need to do is sort by order. Our dual-end contour brushes are the best of their kind, as you can find these brushes smooth for application. There are so many great features of dual-ended contour brushes you can enjoy.


Double-Ended Design – Easy to carry and functional in style as it can be used for various cosmetic applications; the upper side of the brush is used for proper contouring, and the lower side can be used for applying makeup on eyelids and other small areas.


Multi-Purpose Makeup Brush – This brush can be used for different purposes, allowing the user to play with it differently.


Flexible And Easy To Carry:  This brush is extra sturdy and flexible as it is designed for multi-purpose application.

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