• Individual Wood Makeup Brush
  • Individual Wood Makeup Brush
  • Individual Wood Makeup Brush

Individual Wood Makeup Brush

High speed Rotary Cartonning machine with hot melt glue system for coffee capsule



Medicine, food, cosmetics packaging carton of the party charged items for cylindrical, bar, tube and bottle-shaped, bag-like and other objects. Material from the conveyor belt is automatically put into the box.

       This automatic cartoning packaging machine is designed for a small variety of packaging and design. Its characteristics are low cost, small space requirements for a wide range of sizes. Machine vertical structure, easy mold replacement, with diverse functions. Using mechanical, electrical, optical and pneumatic control, automatic counting, to achieve packaging automation. All operational aspects of the use of advanced detection instruments, automatically reject substandard products, finished products to ensure 100% pass rate. The human error to a minimum, and significantly reduce production costs and labor intensity.

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