• Kabuki Cosmetic Brush Private Label
  • Kabuki Cosmetic Brush Private Label
  • Kabuki Cosmetic Brush Private Label
  • Kabuki Cosmetic Brush Private Label

Kabuki Cosmetic Brush Private Label

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-The private logo can be put on the product.

-Different materials and colors for optional.

-OEM&ODM orders are welcome.

-High quality, prompt delivery, competitive price, best service.

Kraumetik Kabuki Brushes:

A kabuki brush is an essential makeup tool that should be present in every makeup arsenal. Although kabuki brushes are designed for a single application, but kabuki brushes created by kraumetik are super-efficient for multiple applications. 

Our brushes can apply loose powder, foundation, blush, and bronzer on large surfaces for more even finishes. Lower and upper parts are curated for better grip and smooth blending over highs and lows of the face, neck, and cleavage too! The best thing about our kabuki brushes is that they are durable and made from natural materials. They are safe for all skin types, even for sensitive skin.  

The ergonomic design of the brush is great for a Perfect grip that avoids slipping and helps users achieve professional results every time! Soft bristles glide smoothly over the skin to provide a perfect look and hassle-free experience.

To make the best use of our kabuki brush, try using it with a light hand and in one direction to max out the application. Kraumetik kabuki brush is an amazing choice for makeup lovers who take a generous amount of product to get a perfectly polished look after every application.

How To Use It:

For better application, use a rounded kabuki brush and swirl it around to pick up powder (Any). Then gently tap off to get rid of the excess product and apply them over desired areas in a slow circular swirling motion until it blends perfectly.

Best Advantage: 

Kraumetik Kabuki Brush is a soft, multi-purpose blending brush ideal for applying foundation, blush, bronzer, or any powder.

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