• Megnetic Cosmetic Brush Set with Private Label
  • Megnetic Cosmetic Brush Set with Private Label
  • Megnetic Cosmetic Brush Set with Private Label
  • Megnetic Cosmetic Brush Set with Private Label

Megnetic Cosmetic Brush Set With Private Label

Name 14pcs Megnetic Cosmetic Brush Set with Private Label Premium Synthetic Hair Make Up Brush 
Hair Premium synthetic
Handle Natural wood
Ferrule Stainless aluminum
Private Logo Acceptable
Sample  Free
MOQ Small quantity is acceptable
Packaging Each brush be packed in a opp bag
Shipment By express,by air or by sea

Magnetic Cosmetic Brushes

This magnetic cosmetic brush set is designed to to provide extra stability to the structure for better outlook and application. This set includes a variety of brushes for applying foundation, powder, eyeshadow, and other types of makeup. They are made of synthetic bristles for better application of liquid, cream, or powder products. 

Our magnetic cosmetic brush sets aren’t available with storage case. This set is a convenient and stylish product to get your hands on. It can be a great addition to any makeup collection.

This kit contains brushes which are used for different application purposes, such as foundation, contouring, eyeshadow, and blending.

Some of the features of our magnetic cosmetic brush kits are: 

High-Quality Bristles: The bristles of the brushes of this kit are made up of soft, high-quality materials such as synthetic fibers or natural hairs, which can help in, even application of makeup.

Variety Of Brush Shapes And Sizes: our brush kits come with range of brush shapes and sizes to suit different makeup application needs, such as flat, angled, or tapered brushes.

Easy Cleaning: The brushes in our magnetic cosmetic brush kit can often be easily cleaned with a brush cleanser or mild soap and water, helping to maintain their quality and longevity.

Rigid Metalic Body:  Stainless aluminum body makes our product stylish, seamless and durable.

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