• New Cosmetic Brush Private Label
  • New Cosmetic Brush Private Label
  • New Cosmetic Brush Private Label
  • New Cosmetic Brush Private Label

New Cosmetic Brush Private Label


-This set includes powder brush, eyeshadow brush, brow brush, lip brush

-With a beautiful color bag, easy to take, suit for daily use, travel, gift or promotion

-Be used for powder, blush, eye shadow, concealer, brow powder, lip balm and so on.

-The private logo can be put on handle and pouch.

-Different materials and colors for optional.

Premium Pink Brush Set With Cute Pouch   

Cosmetic brush kit why not pink, this super cute brush set is a go-to option for all makeup lovers. This super cute brush set can be an excellent gift for your friend, daughter, sister, or whoever loves to keep the pink collection.

Makeup brushes are a blessing for makeup lovers especially when comes with pretty cosmetic bag to show off.  Krumetik’s premium pink makeup brush set collection contains bigger and more useful brushes for everyday need that comes with a cute pink pouch to carry and use with convenience and grace.  

Full Blown Package For Easing Your Makeup 

•Better blending and picking up powder

•Convenient for travel and stores 

•Best quality and price 

•Soft and dense synthetic bristles

•Portable storage case

•Easy to clean and carry 

•Breath-taking look and efficiency 

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