• Private label Kabuki Makeup Brush
  • Private label Kabuki Makeup Brush
  • Private label Kabuki Makeup Brush
  • Private label Kabuki Makeup Brush

Private Label Kabuki Makeup Brush

This set includes powder brush, eyeshadow brush, brow brush, lip brush

-With a beautiful color bag, easy to take, suit for daily use, travel, gift or promotion

-Be used for powder, blush, eye shadow, concealer, brow powder, lip balm and so on.

-The private logo can be put on handle and pouch.

-Different materials and colors for optional.

Kabuki Makeup Brush Details

Kabuki brushes are the brush to choose if you want your eyelash extensions, eyeliner and mascara perfectly filled in. No one will ever believe that you did all of this yourself! Every woman loves Kabuki label brushes because they’re easy to use as well as being diverse with its bristles so it can be used for a variety of different makeup purposes.

Similar To The Mixed Media Brushes Because It Can Be Used For Different Makeup Purposes

They are a useful type of brush as they have so many different uses. They're great at getting all the hard-to-reach areas in your face, but can also be used for blending and applying foundation to surfaces you can't reach with fingers! The mixed media brushes are made up of bristles that work well for contouring and shading or highlighting your makeup. You could use it directly on a cheekbone or to outline your eyes. Makeup artist recommends the type of makeup brush for most applications. It allows you flexibility and mobility with just one specific tool, it has tiny bristles, which are excellent at applying eye shadow on upper eyelid corners. Depending on how much detail and contrast you want in your individual application, you can use a thick or thin line.

Advantages of Using a Kabuki Makeup Brush

Completely Natural Look – the makeup is applied and contoured more naturally than with any brush around. It helps you to achieve that flawless look.

Easy To Use Makeup Brush With Soft Filled Bristles

Application of eye shadow by foundation glides on smoothly and evenly for perfectly blending out your easiest (and last) step in making up when you apply your finishing powder.

Easy To Use

Pain and Discomfort – there is an incentive to use a softer goat hair brush because it's more comfortable. The pointed bristles are good at applying makeup under the eye area for those with sensitive skin. That one length brings coverage into your facial contours perfectly!

Brushes that can be used on various parts of the face from eyes to cheeks or ears-and go places where you otherwise wouldn't be able to reduce your risk of bacteria through the cosmetic application.

It also amplifies the volume as it is held against moist skin, not glide across any surface to achieve its result so that you use more makeup than necessary.

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