• Retractable Kabuki Makeup Brush with Nylon Hair

Retractable Kabuki Makeup Brush With Nylon Hair

Use: Face

Handle Material: Metal

Brush Material: Nylon

Transport Package: OPP Bag

Specification: customerize

Trademark: Malena, OEM or ODM

Cruelty-Free Multi- Purpose Kabuki Brush  

This is a cruelty-free kabuki brush that delivers seamless coverage, can be used for many different applications.

Why People Love It: 

Carrying lots of brushes is a big hassle that is why, one brush  for multi-use is the best option desired by users. Not all companies are offering such multi- purpose product that is why our multi- purpose kabuki is customer’s first choice. Made with high-quality materials that are built to last. The cap should fit securely and protect the brush head when not in use.

•Best for powder, cream and liquid product application

•Densely packed bristles for better for effective coverage 

•This brush are eco-friendly and handy

•Soft, fluffy bristles made with 100% synthetic nylon

•Compact handle provides strong grip and full control 

•This brush tool is cruelty-free designed for flawless application

•Whole brush can be washed in warm water

Product Information

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