• Travel Makeup Brush with Zipper Bag

Travel Makeup Brush With Zipper Bag

Weight GW:16KGS      NW:14.8KGS
Color Can be customized
Package 20pcs/Carotn(58*44*25)
Delivery time 30~45days after sample confirmation
Sample time 7~10working days (1-2 working days if stock)
Payment term Paypal/Western Union/TT
Certificate ISO9001,BSCI,GMP

KraumetikBrush brushing product line consists of these six ecological makeup brushes in the Travel Brush set zip-bag. The six brushes are foundation brushes, powder/blender brushes, and eyeshadow/concealer brushes. Incredible quality brushes that adapt perfectly to any makeup bag to go. These brushes come along with a unique bag pack which is convenient for you in traveling.

Rub the bristles in the product and tap the brush against the container's rim to remove any excess product. Starting at the forehead, use circular motions to buff the product towards the chin and jawline. Polishing spreads and smooths the product in quick circular motions. Continue building depending on the desired coverage. With flat bristle fibers, these brushes are easy to apply on hard-to-reach areas such as the edges of the eyebrows, the sides of the nose, the chin, the jaw area, and a single cover can be built ideally for BB can and CC creams.

·         Premium synthetic makeup brushes:  Made with soft, Cruelty-Free, and dense synthetic fibers that do not damage the skin, and they are suitable for even the most sensitive skin to achieve a high-resolution finish with a liquid powder or cream base without absorbing the product and without to spill
·         Complete set with color customization: Makeup lovers from professional to amateur level can use this. Essential brushes are perfect for liquids, powders, or creams to achieve beautiful makeup for the face and eyes
·         Versatile brush set: Covers all sizes and shapes of brushes for carving and sculpting the face to achieve flawless dimensions. Satisfy all your needs with facial scrubs in a variety of forms
·         A portable case-bag design makeup brush set accompanies you from home to where you travel
·         100% money-back guarantee. Trust this, and you will love it! If you have any problems, feel free to contact us

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