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Dongguan Malena Cosmetics Co. Ltd is a rising makeup brush manufacturer and cosmetic brushes supplier in China. Get the best from contemporary new designs of our custom Makeup brushes catalog, at prices you have not expected. You'll find a decent Makeup brush manufacturer at every corner, but what about their product? Brand names don't matter when the product pays for itself! That is why we, as a customer-centric makeup brush supplier, never invest in building a brand only; instead, we focus on creating products that make a brand. We have started to ease the makeup process by producing cosmetic brushes for every part of your face, which creates an overwhelming variety of our makeup brushes in global stores. So, it doesn't matter whether you are a pro or novice seller or retailer; we have something for you in our makeup brush collage to ignite your customer's look every time. We also cater to made-to-order customized brushes such as owl makeup brushes. Our team is not only a topping designer and manufacturer for famous brushes companies but also focuses on creating a wide range of brush line, including brush blush, pencil holder, private label brushes, foundation brushes,

Dongguan Malena Cosmetics Co. Ltd is a leading cosmetic makeup brush supplier serving cosmetic retailers throughout the industry. Get the best from contemporary new designs of our custom Makeup brushes catalog at amazing prices. Brand names don't matter when the product pays for itself! That is why we, as a wholesale makeup brushes vendor, never invest in building a brand only; instead, we focus on creating products resulting in an Artistic Brand. The best part about buying cosmetic brushes from us is that you can Shop a diverse variety of wholesale makeup brushes and all the latest brush products in one place. Every design cosmetic brush we sell is designed with the vision to improve customer experience with our products, leading to higher sales and more demand in the market. If you are looking for the top 10 makeup brush manufacturers or suppliers for your business. In that case, you are at the right place, as we nurture every requirement and welcome every customization package. We are a well-known makeup brushes vendor in the industry, selling a wide variety of brushes, including brush blush, pencil holders, travel brushes, foundation brushes, and so on.


We define a high-quality makeup brush as the one that feels like a pillow against your skin and unleash a flawless finish. For providing this effect, we put forth all available resources and drive a product that gives you the desired result. Makeup brushes are easily accessible, but quality makeup brushes are hard to find that glides perfectly on the face. We, as makeup brush designers, always design brushes according to different angular segments of your face and employ all the research in making each piece a convenient point of view.


Keep customers waiting is something we condemn in our process because we value their time. Although cutting down lead time is not as easy as it sounds, we somehow manage to offer 10-20 days to prevent the customer from lingering. Having the right equipment and employee availability makes it possible for us, and we are up for some other provision to shrink our lead time even further. So, don’t worry, you don’t have to wait months to get your custom makeup brushes.


We have hired fully trained staff who never miss a single customer query related to cosmetic brush supplier or custom makeup brushes and always prefer their concerns no matter how hard it is to resolve. Our lines are 24/7 for customer support and assistance with multiple shifts of multilingual staff that always remain ready to guide, help, and support.


You can find the series of finest quality products such as professional brush set, individual brushes, travel brush set, kabuki makeup brush, brush purse, eyeshadow palette, Cosmetic Bag, dual-ended Makeup brush, Concealer Palette, and much more. As the in-demand international makeup brush supplier, we cater to every need of our clients.


We perform every single measure of quality assurance to deliver our China makeup brushes in the best possible condition. From order to handling our Makeup brush manufacturer keeps an eye on the product to deliver it safely to its users. Our insured shipments and logistics is another factor that keeps customer trust strong in us.


We highly regard our customer feedback from the very beginning of our journey in the evolving market of Cosmetic Brushes Supplier. We never discriminate between good and bad customer reviews and always try to leverage them for growth.



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We are the most in-demand international makeup brush supplier offering high-quality, sustainable cosmetic brushes on unbelievable budgets. We believe this is the right time to invest in product innovation as the cosmetic market is evolving, creating more demand for customer-focused designs. To fulfill the growing need for assorted makeup tools, we have invested time to work hand in hand with the top makeup & beauty specialists to bring the best makeup brush goods to the marketplace.

We invest every year in emerging designs of cosmetic tools, brushes, and accessories to provide the most innovative collection of cosmetic brushes. And we also have ISO certificates for using sustainable and non-toxic materials in our products. 

Being part of this industry for so long, we pride ourselves in our production systems, which make us easily accept new and bulk projects to satisfy our customer's most urgent and diverse project needs. Our team of professionals never leaves your hand and stays by your side for all your queries and concerns. 




Get ISO certification successfully


Get ISO certification successfully


Get ISO certification successfully


We are continually updating our products and release improved versions when needed.

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Concepts And Custom Designs

Our brushes are made from high-quality wood to provide a better foundation for gripping, holding, and using makeup brushes. We find better designs of cosmetic brushes as we have expanded our approach to innovating our products. We also provide custom-made brushes for our customers looking for a different type and design of brush according to their needs.

As professional makeup brush suppliers, we focus on serving a wide range of clientele by delivering our cosmetic makeup brushes to the entire marketplace. We are introducing new products to attract customers and make them happy by providing quality at competitive prices. All our unique design makeup brush sets are made only using the finest quality materials, which can be perfect for selling under high-end makeup brands.  Vegan-friendly and 100% natural wood versions of makeup brushes are available to add more luxury to your product line.

Better Service For Life Long Journey 

We are trying to offer the best design and quality at competitive prices so that you can save your hard-earned money for something more meaningful in your life and buy new products. Our design and quality are above the rest; your experience will make you a lifelong customer. Our vision is to simplify the entire process from quote to delivery so that you can reconsider us for your next business opportunity. We look forward to your feedback and suggestion to work together to become the best online makeup brush set store.

We are a sought-after manufacturer & Wholesale makeup brush vendor in the cosmetic niche; don't hesitate to get in touch with us for your next project.